Laura on Lacy's Jet Bar
It is my goal at the Raining-L-Ranch to produce horses that are truly a pleasure to own.  My training program is
designed to produce the foundational qualities essential to all horses regardless of breed or discipline: respectful,
willing, and well-mannered.  My low-stress program incorporates outdoor riding with arena exercises to start young
horses and re-train those that need it.

My training methods are based in the Vaquero Style of Natural Horsemanship taught by Ray Hunt, Buck
Brannanman, and Ricky Quinn.  Most simply put, my philosophy is that “you get to a horses mind through its
feet.” In other words, when a horse’s feet are doing what you want, then the horse’s mind is paying attention to

I use a series of extensive groundwork exercises to prepare the horse for what it will be asked to do under saddle.  
These exercises are designed to increase the horse’s exposure and stretch its comfort zone.  They include work with
ropes, flags, tarps, and slickers.  Practical applications include crossing ditches and water, opening gates, dragging
logs, and navigating trail obstacles.  While riding outdoors horses will encounter steep terrain, brush, and natural
trail obstacles.  All horses are handled in a
quiet but firm and fair manner.
Performance Basics
Trail Horse Training
Raining L Ranch
Laura Lillie Performance Horses
Yearling and 2 yr olds- ground work and In-Hand Trail
Foundation Start- starting young horses under saddle
Re-start- open to any age, breed, and discipline
Trail Horse- focuses on trail riding for pleasure or competition.  
Horse must have completed Foundation Start or equivalent.
Performance Basics- continues to build on Foundation Start.
Owner participation is essential for the success of our training program and the accomplishment of
your goals.  Owners are encouraged to be present while their horses are getting worked and to
participate in
2 hours of free lessons per month when their horses are in training.
Eposing a colt to the slicker
Using the flag to help steer a colt