"The horse you got off is not the same as the horse you got on.
It is your job as a rider to ensure as often as possible the change is for the better"
Laura often asks her students if they consider themselves trainers.  Their responses
vary, but many times they only think of themselves as riders not trainers.  She then
explains that everyone who rides or handles a horse is teaching that horse something-
either good or bad.  Our responsibility as riders is to acquire the horsemanship skills
needed to bring out the best in our horses so that every time we ride, the change is for
the better.

No matter what your goals, we can help you achieve them by teaching you how to develop
a quality relationship with your horse based on softness, willingness, and respect.  We
offer instruction for riders of all ages and abilities at Raining L.
Our lesson program offers a unique blend of horsemanship and equitation with a strong
emphasis on safety.  Topics include: groundwork, care involved in owning a horse,
grooming, saddling, and riding both western and English.  Laura customizes the lesson
program to fit the individual needs of her students.  Laura specializes in improving
horsemanship and riding skills of all ages by boosting confidence levels through positive,
fun, and engaging teaching.  Laura encourages using student's horses provided they are
safe and conducive to learning. If a suitable horse is not available, lesson horses are
available at Raining-L-Ranch.
Raining L Ranch
Laura Lillie Performance Horses