Raining L Ranch
Laura Lillie Performance Horses
Mecate reins made of parachute chord offer exceptional balance and feel.  They are finished
with a sturdy, decorative knot that lays directly into the slobber straps, allowing the rein to turn
and therefore reducing the occurrence of figure 8's in your coil.  Mecates can be adjusted to fit
horses with varying neck lengths, and they have the convenience of a built in lead rope.  They
are available in either 8-strand or 12-strand braids.  12-strands are about 9/16" diameter,
8-strands a little less.  Standard length is 22 feet for snaffles and 24 feet for bosals, but mecates
lengths can be customized to fit smaller horses and ponies.
12-strand mecate in coyote brown, rust, and black
Standard Snaffle: 8-strand   $140
                        12-strand  $150
Standard Bosal:  8-strand    $150
                        12-strand  $160