Raining L Ranch
Laura Lillie Performance Horses

To give you an idea about colors and patterns:
8-strand Mecate
Color: camo
12-strand Mecate
Colors: black, navy, sand tan
Pattern: Narrow "V"
12-strand Mecate
Colors: coyote brown, rust, black
Pattern: Narrow "V"
12-strand Over/Under
Colors: white, purple, black
Pattern: Stripe
12-strand Over/Under
Colors: electric blue, burgundy, black
Pattern: Bold "V"
Gaming Rein
Gaming Rein
Pattern 1: available on Med. Dog Collars
and Gaming Reins
Pattern 2: available on Med. Dog Collars
and Gaming Reins
Large Dog Collar
Colors: dark brown, teal
Medium Dog Collar
Colors: camo, black
Small Flat Dog Collar
Colors: purple, navy
Small Dog Collar
Colors: rust, navy
8-Strand Patterns From Left to Right:
1/2 and 1/2 in Rust and Navy Blue
Narrow Accent in Dark Brown and Imperial Red
Bold Accent in Burgundy and Gold
Bold Stripe in Hunter Green, Burgundy, and Gold
The Mix in electric blue,
neon turquoise, and
neon green
Chevron in Purple, Charcoal
Gray and Silver