Raining L Ranch
Laura Lillie Performance Horses
Make a statement with personalized colors and patterns.  Shown below are some
of the many colors we can order.  If you have a color in mind you don't see,
there's a good chance I can get it for you.  There is also a large variety of
patterns depending on how many strands your item is.  Look on our gallery page
for examples and ideas.  
How Many Colors Can I Choose?
Up to:
8-strand Mecate-  4
12-strand Mecate- 6
Gaming/Roping Rein- 4
8-strand Over/under- 4
12-strand Over/Under-6
Large Dog Collar- 6
Medium Dog Collar- 4
Small Dog Collar- 2
12-strand Leash- 6
8-strand Leash/Slip- 4
4-strand Leash- 4
4-strand Slip- 2